• Gamble Creek Village

    Shaping Growth in Northeast Manatee County

    Looking Forward

    ‘Rural villages’ are a planning concept that are recognized, applauded and sought after throughout the U.S. for their thoughtful approach to land use, conservation, and community development. They embrace traditional small-town character by encouraging clustered housing, preservation of native habitats and open spaces, and the development of recreational opportunities with a closer relationship to nature. Gamble Creek Village is intended to support agriculture with its lifestyle of tradition and community.

    As a self-sustaining community, Gamble Creek Village combines the amenities of a rural farming community with the convenience of a modern neighborhood with the latest technologies for schools, retail, employment opportunities and office space. Conceived with the principle of “complete streets” that create a safe environment for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, Gamble Creek Village will be a complete village that reduces the need for traffic trips outside of the community, limiting potential impacts on the surrounding roadway network.

    Integrated into the Surrounding Agricultural Landscape. . .

    with Nature


    The community is designed to be compatible with surrounding areas by locating open space, agriculture and very low density residential around the perimeter of the project.

    As an ‘agricentric’ community, neighborhoods within Gamble Creek Village will have easy access to local farmer's markets and the development of technology-enabled agriculturally-oriented businesses and employment centers will be encouraged.

    Opportunities for renewable energy will be considered as part of the plan.