A Place to Live, Work and Thrive

The difference
a village can make

Gamble Creek Village is intended to be a sustainable, self-contained rural village, embracing traditional small-town character. Our concept envisions a community with clustered housing and a vibrant local town center with restaurants, shops and office space. Gamble Creek Village is the antidote to 'urban sprawl' where growth is fragmented and random, negatively impacting surrounding areas and the environment. Gamble Creek Village is not another commuter suburb or disconnected gated development; it is envisioned to be a true community with schools, a town center, employment opportunities and services that support agriculture with its lifestyle and traditions, while embracing future technologies and opportunities. Preservation of native habitats and open spaces is paramount, and the development of recreational opportunities with a closer relationship to nature, are a priority. Walkability, accessibility, connectivity -- an intentional community --this is the vision for Gamble Creek Village.

Integrated into the Surrounding Agricultural Landscape

Preservation of native habitats and open spaces

Gamble Creek Village’s plan envisions the amenities of a rural farming community with the convenience of a modern neighborhood – smart growth integrated into the agricultural surroundings, in a thoughtful, sustainable way. Gamble Creek Village will have 2,372 acres of its land guaranteed for use as agricultural or open space purposes. This constitutes 48% of the development. At least 30% of that land will be preserved for open spaces, parks, miles of creek-side trails, walking paths and recreational opportunities…beneficial growth while preserving what makes Northeast Manatee special.

A closer relationship with nature
Opportunities for Agricultural Education
Acres for schools with land for recreation
A Hub for Agricultural Technology and Innovation
A Village Where Streets are Safer and innovative transportation is encouraged

Gamble Creek Village features the principle of “complete streets” that create a safe environment for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Connected pathways, trails and sidewalks encourage non-motorized transportation. A town center with shopping and dining opportunities, along with close by schools and other essential services, reduce the need for vehicles and open the way for innovative transportation solutions.

The Right Time

With no remaining developable tracts as large as even 3,000 acres in Northeast Manatee County, the Gamble Creek Village property likely represents the last opportunity to systematically plan for and guide future growth in the area and at a scale large enough to be a complete community. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Manatee County to create a unique and self-sustaining agricultural community that truly protects large tracts of open space and enhances the environment.The village is envisioned to be neo-traditional style with clustered single-family homes and multi-family homes with an eye toward work-force housing needs. Clustered housing allows for the preservation of open spaces and land for agriculture. Housing is capped at 7,200 units and amounts to no more than 1.4 units/acre overall.

Protecting the Watershed

A private, centralized sewer system, and wastewater treatment facility is planned in lieu of a proliferation of up to 1,000 individual septic systems, benefitting the quality of the Gamble Creek Basin and the overall environment. Some environmental studies suggest a link between the abundance of septic systems in the state and recent devastating outbreaks of Red Tide and other harmful algal blooms that foul our waterways and coastlines. A central water system and a potable water treatment plant also is planned, eliminating the need for individual wells.

an agricentric community

As an 'agricentric' community, neighborhoods within Gamble Creek Village will have easy access to local farmer's markets and the development of technology-enabled agriculturally-oriented businesses and employment centers will be encouraged. Agricultural lands, large areas of open space, parks, miles of creek-side trails, walking paths and significant recreational opportunities will preserve the natural features of this special Northeast Manatee County land.

Making Gamble Creek Village a Reality

Many other communities throughout the country have recognized the value of rural villages. These modern communities are recognized for their forward thinking smart planning. Thoughtful use of land, community driven designs, and conservation in every decision…that is what Gamble Creek Village can become for Northeast Manatee County.